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We are a dream team of 2 wild & free spirited sisters!

We strive to provide innovative and popular accessories and designs integrating Crystals for

Stone Medicine + Crystalline Healing.


Each Crystal is hand curated by us for high quality and potent healing potential from local, trusted vendors.

We are dedicated to providing top quality and unique products with purpose!


Elevate your style and your spirit!

Tiffany is a ♉Taurus, ▽Earth▽

and Lindsay is a ♊Gemini - △Air△


together we are

▽Earth and Air△

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Tiff is a Taurus (earth) and brings the creativity, passion and magicalness to everything! She takes allllll of our Product photos and a lot of what you see on our social feeds. She’s got an eye for the details that makes the photos that much better. ⁣⁣Tiff, a self proclaimed "crystal addict", is a Certified Crystal Reader and Stone Mystic. 


Linds is a Gemini (air) and is Earth and Air's social media guru. She rocks at modelling our styled photos. She’s got amazing ideas and always brings light and laughter to whatever we are doing! ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣

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We often refer to ourselves as ‘The Dream Team’ because what one of us doesn’t bring, the other one does!