Crystal Penis Phallic Symbol
Rose Quartz
Tigers Eye
(2) Rainbow Fluorite
Lapis Lazuli
Howlite (funky tip)
Chevron Amethyst
approx 1"
Crystal Peens are a symbol of light, positivity and of Divine generative energies.
New beginnings, new life.
A powerful tool for someone trying to get out of a negative relationship or assisting in moving on from a relationship or boosting confidence to manifest "Prince Charming".
As a reproductive organ they would be a great addition to the alter of someone trying to conceive or for working through reproductive complications.
They can assist you in manifesting Divine sexual pleasure and connection to sexual energies.
They can be used for whatever inspires you!
Then, each Crystal has their own unique energies and vibrations to add to the symbolism and energies of the Peen.
****Fluorite will be intuitivly chosen unless otherwise specified

Crystal Peen Phallic Symbol