☪ Crystals and Copper Toker Pokers
Fluff up your greens, clean your bong or pipe bowls, pack the ends of your joint, or stick in your messy bun!
Handcrafted and lovingly designed to give you an enlightened smoking experience!
Infused with potent sacred healing energies and charged with Reiki.
⍣Vibrating Energies⍣
💎 ✧ {ROSE QUARTZ} is the ultimate stone of Universal Love. She has gentle vibrations of soft feminine energies like tenderness, compassion, peace and healing. Rose Quartz purifies and opens your Heart Chakra, gently encouraging you to release traumas of the heart and open to the healing of Divine Love.

💎 ✧ {FLUORITE} is the "Wise Sage" stone. She connects your heart and mind together through your heart, third eye and crown chakras. Balancing logic with intuition, wisdom, and love. Her ruler is the element of air and helps keep your ideas, creativity, and your mind renewed, refreshed and energized. Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone. Great for establishing a new space, particularly a space you would like to be creative in. Fluorite is marvellous for releasing suppressed emotions and facilitating life changes. Let your Creativity flow wild!
{BUDDHA} is a symbol of confidence, awareness, knowledge, compassion and deepened meditative practices
Each crystal has a special and unique healing ability. Are you drawn to a particular crystal? Is there a certain crystal that jumps out at you? If so it is because a part of your energetic network recognizes when a crystal is vibrating at frequencies that would be beneficial to you........Pick that one!
➳ Mindfully wrapped with durable wire
➳ Smudged prior to shipping
➳ Infused with Cosmic Love ❤ and Good Vibes ☮
✧ other crystal options available ✧ 
☞ Custom Requests also available
Last 2 photos are examples and may not feature the Toker Poker in this listing

Fluorite Crystal Toker Poker with Rose Quartz Point