✧✧ Tourmaline, Pyrite and Copper Smoking Ring ✧✧

These beauties are 🙌🏻ULTRA sparkly!!!✨✨

Toke with Intentions and Vibe Higher!
☪ Gorgeous Crystals and Copper Smoking Rings for elevating your sesh and style!
Each unique piece is lovingly designed to give you an enlightened smoking experience!
Handcrafted and infused with potent sacred healing energies.
➳ Charged with Reiki

⍣Vibrating Energies⍣
💎 ✧ {PYRITE} is a strong protector, a shielding stone and is great at deflecting danger and harm. Pyrite energizes and increases vitality. She can help you overcome intellectual fatigue and tiredness of your nervous system by stimulating blood flow to the brain which will increase your mental clarity, focus and memory. This sparkly stone also inspires creativity! Opening creative flow and ambition in art, mathematics, science, architecture and many other disciplines
➳ Carefully Hand-Selected Crystal for High Quality and Optimal Healing Vibrations
➳ Mindfully Wrapped
➳ Smudged prior to Shipping
➳ Infused with Cosmic Love  and Good Vibes ☮✧✧ 

Ring Sizes are Approx. 
✧✧Most of the rings are small sizes as they are sized for *Knuckle* Rings
US size 3

Just adjust the wire slightly to fit your joint or cigarette size and rolling style! 

Need a Custom Ring Size? Just send Earth and Air a message!

Must be Minimum Legal Smoking Age to purchase

Last 5 photos are just a few examples of how to enjoy the smoke ring and may not picture the ring the listing is for

Tourmaline and Pyrite Smoking Ring LOVE | HARMONY | PROTECTION